Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Reduce Electricity Bill

You save a lot on your electricity bill, when solar panels are installed.

Best Investment

You get a fixed returns every month unless every other investments.

Saves Energy

Excess energy generated is not wasted as it’s exported to the grid.

Highly Efficient

The photovoltaic cells in the installed solar panels will start producing electricity as soon as the sun’s rays falls on it.

Commercial Equipments

Every equipment and devices used are of high quality and commercial grade.

Environment Friendly

Helps in reducing carbon foot print as it uses the solar energy which is available in plenty and is renewable.


Golden ray for Golden lives

Golden ray , the solar power plant that focusing on renewable and sustainable energies by forecasting a safe world. Team golden ray walks with you to the aim of cleaned and better life in a better environment.
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Join Our Hands To Create An Ensemble Atmosphere

Be connected with us to know more and ensure your reliability with the good quality of life.

Our Mission

Looking for a long life of Contentment for People and Nature

Giving Back

Giving Back

Team Golden Ray plants a tree for every 1 KW solar power pant we install and that's how we are contributing to the nature and other living beings. We strive hard to maintain the balance and improving the quality of our mother earth. This is something we care about the most.
Dynamic Ecology

Dynamic Ecology

Golden ray keeps constant the motive of ecosystem dynamics. By the renewable consumption people can make the ecosystem safe step by step and becomes self-sustaining , self-regulating and capable of recovery from external sources and uncertainties