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We help you switch to the best clean energy

We are a group of experienced renewable energy professionals focused on a customer-centric approach to the solutions we deliver. We trust you will have the best experience implementing your solar system. Our customer-friendly platforms will give you quick decision-making options and clarity on what solar system you need. We have a team of experts working relentlessly to keep up to your expectations. Meeting up to your expectations and understanding your needs is our unique expertise.

Our Mission

We are on this journey alongside our customers forever.
Golden Ray renewable energy is dedicated to supplying the highest quality solar power installations delivered with thoughtfulness, empathy and trust.

How I Started

I am Harikrishnan,
Founder of golden ray renewable energy. The idea behind starting a venture in the renewable energy sector evolved during the dreadful flood which hit Kerala in 2018. My friends and I were working day and night to organize camps for the people affected by the flood.

I saw many people suffering from the flood caused due to climate change. Many lost their loved ones, their house, and their life savings. This is where the golden ray began, with a motto to fight climate change. Solar is one of the best substitutes for our dependency on coal for power. Geographically, India has great potential for solar energy. In addition to that, India is a developing nation that has high energy demand.

My friends and I discussed many possible solutions and finally came up with a practical, scalable business model which can benefit customers and the company. We saw there was a gap in customer satisfaction in the solar market and decided to tackle that very problem through our online platform and establish a large service network in Kerala. Every one of our customers is helping us achieve our goal of fighting climate change for a better tomorrow.

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